"孭得過" 相機保護套 - Matador Camera Base Layer (預訂貨品,6月12日送出)

  • 特價
  • HK$599


✅優惠1: 任何訂單,帳戶會自動永久升級為「熟客仔」
✅優惠2: 訂單滿$800 送 「袋袋平安」0.05mm購物袋 或「不沾濕」雨傘 1把 (隨機顏色跟單送出,贈品不會在訂單中顯示)
✅優惠3: 訂單滿$2000全單88折優惠碼 -「OL0688」 或 訂單滿$2500全單85折優惠碼 -「OL0685」


>>>>同場加推 ALTRA 專業級跑鞋核爆優惠價$799起<<<<

Adaptive camera protection for the active photographer. Down padded technical shell and integrated rain fly protect your camera from scrapes, bumps, and weather during your adventures.  Base Layer removes completely from the camera in less than a second, providing full camera access. Adapts seamlessly to different camera and lens setups and is compatible with most DSLR’s and Micro 4/3 camera/lens combinations.  At only 68 grams, you can use any pack as your camera bag and leave the extra weight behind.  It works around your existing camera strap and allows you to clip the camera to nearly anything for easy carrying.  Additional details below. Patent pending.