(現貨) 【清貨7折】DryTide Waterproof Daypack 防水背囊

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30L 防水背囊



  • Heavy-duty and 100% waterproof material
  • High frequency welded seams, no stitches in all vital areas
  • Floats on water
  • 30l waterproof main compartment with roll down closure and quick close buckle
  • Double internal pocket (mesh + solid) for your phone, wallet, passport, surfboard fins etc…
  • Bigger external pocket with rainproof zipper* that fits items up to the volume of a beach towel
  • Smaller external pocket with rainproof zipper* that fits your phone, wallet, keys
  • One side mesh pocket for water bottle with a bungee cord closure to prevent smaller items from falling out
  • Daisy chain loops on one side of the backpack
  • Comfortable adjustable shoulder straps and back both padded with non water absorbing foam
  • Hip belt and sternum strap with emergency whistle buckle
  • Corrosion-proof, impact-resistant thermoplastic buckles and D-rings.
  • Top handle
  • Backpack dimensions: 31cm x 17cm x 54cm or 12″ x 6 3/4″ x 21″ (W x L x H)
  • Backpack weight: ~1.3KG
  • Keeps all your gear safe from water and dust while looking good

*it is normal for rainproof zippers to be harder to open and close than regular and splash proof zippers because rainproof zippers produce a much better and tighter seal that can stop water from coming inside even when dropped into the sea (it’s a feature, not a bug)


Frequently Asked Questions

Can the backpack be used as a carry on backpack if you are traveling by plane?

Yes, absolutely. The 30L backpack is perfect as a carry on.

How big is this waterproof daypack?

The size of the backpack is 31cm x 17cm x 54cm (W x L x H) or 12″ x 6 3/4″ x 21″. Backpack has enough room to pack everything you need on a day trip – clothes, towel, camera etc… If you are going on a surf trip it can hold two thick winter wetsuits with some extra room to spare.

Is this backpack good for carrying wet gear like wetsuits, snorkeling gear etc?

For sure. The main compartment and both external pockets are waterproof. This means that the inside of the backpack will stay dry even if you drop it into the sea or no water will come out of it if you fill it with wet gear. The big external pocket and the main compartment let you separate your wet and dry items. If you have lots of wet items put them into the main compartment and your dry clothes into the external pocket and vice versa. If you only have some wet boardshorts and a swimsuit or a wet wetsuit top you can stash them in the external pocket and your whole main compartment stays dry.

It this a camera backpack?

If your main concern is to keep your camera gear dry then yes, this is a perfect camera backpack. It is just the right size, it will stop the water, humidity and sand from entering, it has enough pockets to keep everything organized and it is comfortable to carry. It does however not have internal padding due to obvious reasons – so you can use it to carry wet gear inside the backpack. If you need padding then you can get a separate camera cube insert that you can put inside the backpack. This way you can transform your 30L DryTide waterproof backpack into a full on waterproof photography backpack.

Care and Use

  • The backpack floats on water but it is not meant for prolonged submersion. If there is a danger of falling into the sea, make sure that the roll down top is closed as tightly as possible.
  • Keep solvents and liquids like insect repellents away from the backpack.
  • Keep the backpack away from extreme heat and sharp objects. Even though the backpack is made out of tearproof and durable material sharp objects like thorns, needles etc… can puncture the material.
  • Rinse the backpack with fresh water when it is dirty or after use in the sea – continuous salt deposits can jam the zippers.







50L 防水背囊



  • Heavy-duty and 100% waterproof material
  • High frequency welded seams, no stitches in all vital areas
  • Floats on water
  • Big 50l waterproof main compartment
  • Internal removable laptop pocket with mesh pocket for small items
  • Big back pocket with rainproof zipper*
  • Smaller top pocket with rainproof zipper*
  • Two side mesh pockets for water bottles
  • Two side straps for securing taller items to the side of the backpack
  • Elastic strap on the back pocket
  • Comfortable shoulder straps and back both padded with non water absorbing foam
  • Hip belt
  • Top handle
  • Bottom loop for drying the backpack
  • Backpack dimensions: 60 x 34 x 25cm / 23″ x 13″ x 10″ (H x W x L)
  • Keep all your gear safe from water and dust while looking good


5L 防水袋

15L 防水袋

30L 防水袋

Production Quality

Bag is made out of heavy duty and durable waterproof material. It is constructed using a special welding technique that eliminates stitches and makes all the seams waterproof. This makes the bag 100% waterproof.


To close the bag:

  • roll down the top at least 3 times,
  • bend the ends in the opposite direction to where you rolled them down,
  • buckle the ends together.

Care and Use

  • Clean the dry bag with fresh water after each use and air it out.
  • Keep solvents and insect repellents away from the bag.
  • Dry bags are not suitable for submersion. Water can slowly get in through the roll down closure due to water pressure.






可保護你的手機和文件免受水深至海面以下 30m 的影響。這是一款通用防水袋,適合任何手機,也可用於攜帶你需要隨身攜帶的基本文件,即使你被水濺到,雙拉鍊鎖提供最大程度的保護和 100% 防水。 雖然手機被密封在手機防水套內,但你仍然可以使用它來拍照、發送消息、聽你喜歡的歌曲等……因為觸摸屏幕仍然可以使用。小袋有兩個透明窗口,前面的大窗口用於手機觸摸屏,背面較小的窗口用於手機攝像頭鏡頭。 


DryTide 防水手機袋使用兩個非常堅固的連續拉鍊鎖來密封袋子。然後使用 Velcro 膠帶將它們折疊並固定在袋子上,以防止拉鍊鎖四處移動並可能打開。這將密封袋子並阻止水進入水下 30 米(約 100 英尺)。它採用優雅的黑色,閉合翻蓋上印有 DryTide 標誌。設計有頸帶,所以你可以把它掛在頸上。

你可以在游泳、皮划艇、划船、帆船、漂流、劃獨木舟、浮潛、在海灘上放鬆、滑水道、參觀水上公園、游泳池、潛水、旅行或雨中徒步旅行等時使用手機…… 你可用於拍照、海上皮划艇或其他海上探險時導航、發送信息、查看天氣預報和狀況、聽音樂等



產品由耐用耐用的防水材料製成,它採用特殊的焊接技術建造,消除了縫線並使所有接縫防水,使袋子 100% 防水,使用兩個拉鍊鎖來密封袋子並阻止水進入。手機防水袋有一個大的正面透明窗口,用於你的手機屏幕/檢查文件和一個較小的背面透明窗口,用於你的手機相機鏡頭,以便你拍照。 



  • 外部尺寸:12 厘米 x 24 厘米(4.7 英寸 x 9.4 英寸)
  • 內部尺寸:11 厘米 x 22 厘米(4.3 x 8.6 英寸)
  • 適合:屏幕尺寸不超過 6.7 英寸的手機、錢、支票、護照、駕照、登記和各種其他重要文件,你需要隨時隨身攜帶,即使東西很濕也很濕。


  1. 將兩個拉鍊鎖擠壓在一起,直到它們關閉(確保拉鍊鎖上沒有灰塵、沙子和碎屑)
  2. 將袋子的頂部向下滾動並使用魔術貼條固定
  3. 使用第二個 Velcro 條帶關閉拉鍊鎖上方的頂部翻蓋


  • 每次使用後用清水清潔乾燥的袋子並將其晾乾。
  • 讓溶劑和驅蟲劑遠離袋子。
  • 可承受海面以下 30m (100ft) 的水壓,請在水下使用之前測試袋子是否可能被刺穿。