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PD Everyday Messenger 日日相機袋

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  • HK$2,499
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PD Everyday Messenger 日日相機袋

The Story behind the bag



A premium day-to-day essential carry workhorse, The Everyday Messenger is for photographers, travelers, commuters and everyone in-between. It’s more than just an innovative camera bag, it’s a giant leap for bag-kind. Patent-pending MagLatch™ closure. Origami-inspired FlexFold™ dividers. Weather resistant shell expands and contracts to hold a lot or a little. Dedicated Capture clip attachment points and front access panel designed for photography workflow. Hyper-adjusting internally padded seatbelt strap allows use as messenger or shoulder bag.


  1. 1 x Everyday Messenger Bag (Charcoal / Heritage Tan)
  2. 3 x FLEX-FOLD™ Dividers
  3. 1 x Micro Anchor
  4. 1 x Tripod Band